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Document Scanning
Large Format (Fine Art, Engineering Drawings and Blue Prints)
Bound Books
Microfilm, Microfiche, Aperture Card
Medical Records
Intellectual Property
Dental Records


Realizing paper documents are labor cost and efficiency burden to your company?
Document imaging and management may be the solution for you!

Key Benefits

Eliminate misfiled, misplaced, damaged, or lost documents
• Eliminate costly storage space internally and/or externally
• Dramatically reduce document search and retrieval time and cost

Your business is your information. Rapid access to both current and historical information and the ability to share information on demand and securely is no longer a luxury but a must.

Is your business still residing on paper which is bulky, easy to misplace or worse lose, and expensive to search through and store in large volumes? Then document imaging and management is right for you. Retrieve a single document among thousands in seconds on today’s standard business computer.

We have assisted state agencies in successfully meeting the NJ Division of Archives and Records Management standards for a certified public records image processing system.

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